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Any Two Cards

ATC Cover
©2008 Lis Harvey, ERLH-040108-6

New Album!
$11.99 US

  1. How A Habit Grows
  2. Look Out Below
  3. Everybody Is A Cowboy
  4. Boxes
  5. Every Mile
  6. This Is The Last Time
    •Guest Vocal by Doris Muramatsu•
  7. Spin & Spin
  8. Out Of Town


Porcupine Cover
©2004 Erlendahle Records, ERLH-083104-5

(Available at iTunes for under $10 - but without the bonus tracks.)

SALE: $12.99 US

  1. Four-thirty
  2. Far Away
  3. Fish In The Pan
  4. Josephine
  5. Life Is Fatal
  6. One For The Road
  7. Anything At All (The Spiderman Song)
  8. Iron Or Love
  9. Porcupine
  10. Nothing Ruder
  11. Couldn't Stay True
  12. White Linen Evening
  13. Weak Spot


Topography Cover
©2002 Erlendahle Records, ERLH-080102-4

Recorded live on the Spring 2002 tour!

Read what the WASHINGTON POST has to say about this CD.

ON SALE: $12.99 US

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