Lis Harvey is a Guinness World Record-setting folksinger. For a decade, she toured small venues in North America, sleeping in her car, and occasionally opening for luminaries like Jill Sobule, Lucy Kaplansky, Tracy Grammer, Melissa Ferrick, Dayna Kurtz and LGBTQ folk sensation Girlyman. She wrote songs, collaborated with Sarah Pinkser on a womens-shelter benefit called Will Folk For Food, and performed as a part of Holly Figueroa's turn-of-the-century music collective, Ingiegrrl.


Between 1998 and 2008, Harvey recorded a half dozen albums. She became a world record holder in 2002. International press for the fastest-ever tour of the fifty states helped sell CD copies of Topography, a live album Harvey recorded in Alaska and New Hampshire. Her follow-up studio record, Porcupine, won a regional best album award in 2005 (Harvey lived in Wisconsin at the time). It was produced by her friend Duncan Watt, mastered by Adam Ayan of Gateway, and featured the work of Joe Chellman and Bob Beal. 


After the birth of her first child, Harvey released the quiet Any Two Cards. Doris Muramatsu, formerly of the bands Girlyman and Django Jones, was the only other performer on the album. Harvey filmed a final solo performance for public radio's 30-Minute Music Hour, and retired in 2008. She lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and works for food co-ops and start-ups as a marketing director.