Obscure indie folk from the late nineties. 

A Lis Harvey song occasionally surfaces on playlists that traffic in moody singer-songwriters from the late 21st century. Her rhythmic guitar and prickly-pear lyrics offer a college-basement counterpoint to Tori Amos classics and Indigo Girls' anthems. 

Harvey recorded five albums, in closets and live on tour, from 1998 to 2008. She set a Guinness world record for the "fastest-ever tour of the fifty states" in 2002. Her follow-up album, Porcupine, was produced by video game score composer Duncan Watt (Watt had been Harvey’s guitar teacher in high school). Porcupine was mastered by Grammy award-winner Adam Ayan, and won a small award for best folk album in 2005. 

During her career, Harvey collaborated with author and songwriter Sarah Pinkser on a women’s-shelter benefit tour called Will Folk For Food, and performed with Holly Figueroa's feminist music collective, Ingiegrrl. Harvey’s last album, Any Two Cards, features vocals by Doris Muramatsu (of Girlyman), and hand-drawn art by Troy Stich (with whom she welcomed a child, shortly after the album's release).

Harvey's final solo performance was filmed for Wisconsin Public Radio's 30-Minute Music Hour in 2008, when she retired.